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Get Your Perfect Eyebrows Now!

How to make your eyebrows look absolutely beautiful at home, without spending a fortune on salons and makeup artists. We all know how important is to feel good and look good. I believe that perfect beauty is to embrace your body the way it is and make the best look of it. Because, every woman has something unique, that one unique sparkle that makes her different from everybody else. So the first thing:Embrace Your Natural Shape! Keep in mind that the color of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your hair. If you want more natural look keep the inside corners of your brows light for more natural look.The basic steps for getting your perfect eyebrows are almost the same no matter which filling instrument you’re using:Use an eyebrow brush to lightly...

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I love Paris

      When I heard word Paris I am immediately at some " Valentine Kiss Party " in Paris, expecting to live one of the best nights in my life so far. I see my self looking the best ever, enjoying my time and waiting for my prince to show up and kiss me like in the fairy-tails. I love everything about Paris. Every piece of accessories and clothes with Paris theme makes me feel in love. If you share my opinion and believe in ultimate love these pieces of Paris is absolutely perfect for you!        I can go further with that. Lately, I've got watch from someone I dearly love. Turn out that every time I looked at my watch I...

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