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3 Great Tips: Choose a Matching Bracelet

Bangles and bracelets are great fashion accessories for any time of the year. Thousands of years ago, it was an integral part of the costumes of ancient Greeks, Romans, Thracians and people from other nations.

Not only did the ancients wear bracelets as a kind of beauty jewelry, but it was also worn as a talisman, with symbolic meaning to protect souls from evil and misfortune. Today, bracelets are worn primarily for the fashion and to express the personality. Amazingly, it can highlight the delicate beauty of the wrist or perfectly conceal defects on your arms.

However, there are so many models of bracelets that fashion followers are confused about which to choose. The article will suggest how to select the bracelet that best suits you, helping you look more sophisticated than ever.

  1. Your Wrist    


If the wrist and the palm of your hand are relatively slim, luckily most of the bracelets will fit you. In case your wrists are too small, wearing a wristband or a large, tight-fitting watch will help your hands look bigger.

In the meanwhile, bangles with soft links will work better for big wrists than bracelets. Besides simple circle designs, you can wear a wavy design or sophisticated pattern to increase your charm. Similarly, a bracelet set including many slender bracelets is also a good choice.

  1. The Length Of Your Arm    

For those who have an unbalanced long arm, it's highly recommended to wear multiple bracelets and bangles at the same time. This will create a sense of balance for your arms.

On the contrary, with short arms, although wearing too many bracelets can completely cover the narrow area around your wrist, this will make other people think you have a very short and awkward hand. Perfectly, let's wear a slim bracelet or bangle to accentuate the fine lines between your hand and wrist.

For women with long arms, wide bracelets or large-patterned bangles will create a more balanced feeling.

  1. Shape Of Your Palm

If you have thin and slender palms, you can pair your outfit with any bracelet style you want. In addition, you can also wear a slightly wider bracelet on your arms for femininity, creativity and trendy.    


If your palms are large and plump, be careful with the wide bands or large bangles you choose. Instead, you had better use slender bracelets which can gracefully move on your wrist. Avoid designs that tight to your wrist. Even if you're comfortable with that, to be honest, it will increase width and cause a feeling of fairly short and thick palms.

In short, choosing an elegant bracelet is not difficult as long as you pay a little attention to the details. Along with that, you absolutely can choose from tons of bracelet designs at Trendy 21 Store. Best of all, even though their prices are cheap and affordable for most people, the store still strives to provide the best shopping experience for customers by partnering with Couponupto in providing grant discount codes and hot deals. Let's explore it now!

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