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More about Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

Technology and quality are our goals. In the field of waterproof T-shirts, we have found a manufacturer who repeatedly tested, constantly improved, did research and development and search for fabric, customized style, sewing technology very thorough, only to make the best possible product for you! The latest advancement in technology allowed them to create a T-shirt that is stain resistant, waterproof and light. Made of a blend of cotton, polyester, silver nano-particles and proprietary materials this T-shirt embodies everything you dreamed you could have in a T-shirt.

Hydrophobic Water-proof T-Shirt provides such excellent stain protection by minimizing the surface area available for water and dirt to adhere to.

Ultra Soft, Breathable Fabric That Stops Stains From Sweat And Drinks.

The stain-proof hydrophobic shirt is the last white shirt you’ll ever need to buy. It employs nanotechnology designed to repel water and dirt so that it remains remarkably clean in between washes making this an ideal garment for anyone, especially in the restaurant industry. 

Material -Polyester with Hydrophobic SHIELD + fabric protector. Water Repellent, Breathable, Quick Drying, Super Soft, Ultra-thin & Lightweight

Focus on functionality, reflect a sense of high-tech and fashion.
Inspired by the hydrophobic nature of lotus leaves: Taking advantage of advanced nanotechnology, it is able to make liquid spilled by accident turn into drop & then slide down from fabric. Even thick tomato sauce spilled on the t-shirt, use water to wash immediately, and it will be clean soon!

Machine wash & hand wash (Hydrophobic does not mean 100% waterproof in any case, it is not a raincoat, water molecules can penetrate the fabric when the pressure reaches a certain level. So hydrophobic series products can be washed as normal clothes, machine washing, hand washing, it's ok. Anyway, washing may cause some degree of harm to nano hydrophobic layer on fabric, so the performance of water repellent may weaken after long time washing.)

Hydrophobic series products dare to break the routine, although the fabric is hydrophobic, still maintaining 90% breathable nature of the fabric, It is kind of new high-tech fabric, very comfortable, breathable, soft and smooth, let your body has a good feeling.