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SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store
SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store


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Introducing the latest innovation in modern clothing 


                Waterproof T-Shirt™     ****Free Shipping***

  • Any liquid spilled on it will form drops of water and slip off, will not stick to clothing.
  • A Super Unisex T-Shirt that repels liquids
  • Keep your clothes dry and clean
  • Breathable, Quick-dry, Sport, Wicking fabric
  • High elasticity, Instant recovery,
  • No deformation, No fade, No pillingSELF CLEANING T-SHIRT/white,black - Trendy21Store

Waterproof T-Shirt™ is a convenient fix for keeping yourself CLEAN whenever, wherever.  Kiss goodbye to changing your shirt every time when you spill something. Waterproof T-Shirt™ makes sure you stay clean whenever and wherever you are at.  

Imagine wearing a T-shirt that never gets dirty, stays waterproof, and feels like a second skin at the same time. Makes you feel protected from anything. Sounds awesome, right?

What you get:
✅ Stain-resistant. You can even squeeze some ketchup or pour coke on it. If you have kids this T-shirt will save you many times.
✅ Anti-Dirty, Prevent various colored liquid pollution
✅ Waterproof. Got splashed a bit? Guess what, you'll stay dry!
NanoTech Anti-Dirty 5-level Waterproof The fabric adopts nanotechnology, anti-oil adhesion, and penetration, milk, cola, coffee, tomato sauce, etc.
✅ Sweat-proof. Wicks away any sweat or moisture.
✅ Antibacterial. Silver nanoparticles in the fabric eliminate the bacteria, after prolonged exercise, does not produce sweat odor.
✅  Quick-dry Top High Elastic Slim Short Sleeve T-Shirt
✅ The super-soft fabric which is lightweight, stretchable, comfortable to wear and breathable. It just feels like a second skin. Really.
✅ For Men, Women, and Kids. Unisex fit allows this T-shirt to be worn by everybody.
✅ Perfect for traveling and outdoors exploring!   
✅  Made of high-quality polyester material, wicking fabric is the best sport fabric with the features of waterproof, antifouling and breathable.
✅ Soft, quick-dry with superior breathability and moisture management.
Designed for everyone, men and women including working professionals, cooks, gardeners, nurses, drivers, soldiers, athletes, students, kids, etc. Suitable for outdoor, indoor, movies, coffee shops, camping & hiking, etc.

       Now you can have your Magical T-shirt which rejects all stains!

      Avoid sudden embarrassment!

 Stay Cool, Get your SELF CLEANING T-SHIRT today! 


Due to the high demand on these pieces, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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More about  Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

The stain-proof hydrophobic shirt is the last white shirt you’ll ever need to buy. It employs nanotechnology designed to repel water and dirt so that it remains remarkably clean in between washes making this an ideal garment for anyone, especially in the restaurant industry. Ultra Soft, Breathable Fabric That Stops Stains From Sweat And Drinks.

Material -Polyester with Hydrophobic SHIELD + fabric protector. Water Repellent, Breathable, Quick Drying, Super Soft, Ultra-thin & Lightweight

It is able to make liquid spilled by accident turn into drop & then slide down from fabric. Even thick tomato sauce spilled on the t-shirt, use water to wash immediately, and it will be clean soon!

Machine wash & hand wash (Hydrophobic does not mean 100% waterproof in any case, it is not a raincoat, water molecules can penetrate the fabric when the pressure reaches a certain level. So hydrophobic series products can be washed as normal clothes, machine washing, hand washing, it's ok. Anyway, washing may cause some degree of harm to nano hydrophobic layer on fabric, so the performance of water repellent may weaken after long time washing.)

Fabric is a little bit transparent
Considering the needs of breathable, cool, lightweight, good body feeling, etc., we choose the ultra-thin fabric material.
So it's just a little bit transparent for a white t-shirt in bright light, sexy and cool, if you care about this, black will be your best choice. 


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